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We are Entlebucher Sennenhunds in Denmark.
We are both Danish Champions and loves tracking.

Evy 16 months. Click to see pedigree
Evy vom Connemarahof
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It is difficult to be an Entlebucher in Denmark, as we are made for sheep and cattlehearding in the Schwiss mountains. Fortunately there are a some woods in Denmark where dogs are allowed to run off leasch.

An Entlebucher must be allowed to run free every day. Otherwise it will be an unhappy dog. An Entlebucher would also like to be with its people all day long, but can be trained to be alone, if it just can make some funny things with its people, when they are together. You should use many hours a day with the puppy. The adult dog can do with a little less. But an Entlebucher is not adult before 5 - 6 years of age.

Cleo van de Tiendenschuur
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If you want to know more about Entlebuchers, I can be contacted on e-mail: pia@entlebucher.dk